The company Hejatex GmbH

Hejatex GmbH was founded in Straubing/Bavaria in January 2002 under the name MLT GmbH as a distribution company for the supply of conveyor belt fasteners. The company started the development and manufacturing of vulcanizing presses for rubber belts in 2009 and heating presses for thermoplastic belts in 2014. After long investigation and R&D the company decided in 2016 to introduce new products on the market and to change the name in Hejatex GmbH at the end of 2016. In a first step the new vulcanizing material Multiface® was introduced in 2017, mainly for the splicing and repair of conveyor belts. In 2019 the new epoxy glue Multi-EP was introduced as non-toxic metal primer and very high performance anti-corrosion coating.

Hejatex GmbH has its own development department with all the necessary test equipment, a small manufacturing workshop and a training workshop for the customers. Since 2010 Hejatex GmbH is certified within the quality management ISO 9001.

With more than 19 years of experience in this field Hejatex GmbH features:

- Small flexible structure with highly skilled people
- Strong customer oriented service
- Short delivery time
- Individual products in high-end quality
- Constant research & development, partly in cooperation with partner companies and universities

Hejatex GmbH offers the following products and components:

- Vulcanizing presses for rubber conveyor belts
- Heating presses for thermoplastic belts
- Tools for vulcanising
- Vulcanizing material and reaction glue Multiface®
- Epoxy glue Multi-EP
- Acrylic adhesive Multi-PE/PP
- Water based glues and Multiuse glues with very high elasticity

- Special belts, rubber parts and high tech textile fabrics
- Belts for round balers
- Further products in planning

Our service:

- Delivery of all common products in shortest time
- Availability from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (from monday to Friday)
- Brochures and documentation in German, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and others
- Competent advice for selection and application of all products of Hejatex GmbH
- Briefing and training for all products of Hejatex GmbH
- Specific information about new products
- Development of special solutions in coordination with partner companies and universities